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Financial reporting isn't just about surfacing numbers.It's about the stories behind them.

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Numbers do more than just fill spreadsheets—they paint pictures, tell stories, and reveal truths. But numbers alone aren't enough to deliver true understanding. Effective financial reporting must go beyond mere data presentation to provide the story, context, and logic in an understandable and accessible way.

Runway makes this possible by enabling you to build reports right where your models live. By adding text, creating visual charts, and incorporating other content, Runway helps you convey the true narrative behind the numbers—empowering your team to make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Create clarity with real-time insights

Traditional reporting often involves compiling data from various sources, resulting in reports that are outdated the moment they're presented. With Runway, your reports are always up-to-date, accurate, and ready to back your most critical financial decisions. Saving time is a given—what truly matters is creating clarity through real-time insights and clear, intuitive understanding.

Build interactive reports that drive understanding

Who needs a 67-page deck anymore? Prepare board updates and craft visually engaging dashboards with live charts, tables, and text in seconds. Make your reports dynamic, allowing viewers to experiment with plans, draft personal versions, and interact with models to better understand trade-offs. Runway enables you to foster true understanding through interactive reports. Because when you truly understand the data, you can make better decisions.

Present a holistic view to any audience

Effective communication drives success. Runway's granular access controls let you share reports with the right stakeholders, ensuring they see only the most relevant information—whether it's key company metrics or detailed departmental expenses. Customize access levels to provide full, edit, or view-only permissions, allowing each viewer to focus on the data that matters most to them.

In Runway, we have a link that anyone outside the finance team can use to check the metrics we're hyper-focused on. It's clean and real-time, and gets the attention back on the actual business. And that's what really matters—getting the business answers right, instead of wasting time building reports.

VP of Finance and Operations
Scott ClarkVP of Finance and Operations

Use cases

Get the most out of your financial reporting

Closing the books

No more late nights at quarter-end trying to reconcile accounts manually. With Runway, rolling last close over brings in your latest actuals from your integrations with just a click. Spend less time on routine tasks and more on deriving valuable financial insights.

Budget vs. actual reporting

Stop wrestling with multiple spreadsheets to compare your budget with actuals. Runway updates these comparisons in real time, allowing you to instantly see and address discrepancies. Keep your forecasts accurate and actionable with fast, easy comparisons.

Investor reporting

Craft compelling, data-rich presentations that vividly tell the financial story of your company. Automatically pull the latest data into your reports using live charts and interactive content. This transparency builds trust and keeps your investors closely connected to your business.

Frequently asked questions

What roles and permissions can be set in Runway?

Runway lets you tailor access based on your team's roles and needs. You can assign roles with specific permissions to manage who can view or edit anything within Runway including models, plans, reports, and more. This setup helps protect sensitive information while enabling collaboration among designated team members.

How does Runway handle data anonymization to protect sensitive information?

Your financial data's security is a top priority for us. Runway incorporates data anonymization meaning even within accessible models or pages, you can mask specific sensitive details. This ensures your team members can collaborate and access necessary information while critical financial details remain private.

How does Runway track changes and maintain an audit trail for financial planning?

Transparency and accountability are central to Runway's functionality. Our version history makes it easy to track who made changes, what those changes were, and when they were made. This provides a clear audit trail that supports compliance, resolves questions quickly, and maintains the integrity of your financial planning process.

Tell the story behind your numbers

Discover how Runway brings data, narrative and context together to create clarity for everyone.


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