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Collaborative Planning

isn't just a
It's the
backbone of
your business.

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Every individual has the potential to play a pivotal role in your company's success story. But when financial planning becomes a maze only a few can navigate, true alignment and innovation take a backseat. Runway is the modern and intuitive way to model, plan, and align your business for everyone on your team—no matter where they are in your company.

Make finance a unifying force rather than a barrier

Every business decision is a financial decision. That's why finance needs to be accessible to everyone. Runway revolutionizes how teams collaborate, turning finance into a language that everyone can understand and act upon. Explore possibilities, make decisions faster, and move your company forward—together.

Human-readable formulas

Write formulas that are easy to read, understand, and trace. Runway makes the language of business finance universally understood by everyone on your team.

Plan with ease

Play with assumptions, fine-tune headcount, and adjust timing. Plans show the impact of your decisions, so you can move forward with certainty.

Foster collaboration

Enable anyone to create new scenarios and propose changes. Review and align on them together before merging them into the main model.

Collaborate with confidence

Runway takes the worry out of team collaboration by tackling common issues like unauthorized data access or mishandling of financial models. You decide who gets to see what and monitor changes, creating a safe and secure workspace. Runway empowers you to focus on doing what you do best.

Manage access

Ensure only the right individuals have appropriate view or edit access when they need it.

Keep things private

Hide sensitive data, like salaries, with a single click. Runways allows you to ensure privacy where it matters most.

Track every edit

View version history to see how your financial models and strategies evolve over time. Runway acts as a digital time capsule for your data.

It's fascinating to see our marketing and sales leaders actively building scenarios in Runway. They've developed a sense of ownership over the numbers, something that was previously seen as the exclusive domain of finance.”

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Andrew MaherHead of Finance

Use Cases Unleash your team's full potential

Headcount planning

Make better hiring decisions together. Runway's drag and drop interface makes it easy to adjust for new hires, reorganizations, and growth scenarios, aligning each decision with your overall business objectives.

Departmental budgeting

Save everyone the headache of manual reconciliation and emailing spreadsheets back-and-forth. Align with your department leads directly in Runway, leveraging automated actuals for smoother planning.

Scenario planning

No more endless sheet duplication and tab toggling. With Runway, you can answer those “what if” scenarios and questions in seconds. Use Runway Copilot to craft effective strategies based on your model and live data.

The fastest moving teams are using Runway to transform the way they work

Frequently asked questions

What roles and permissions can be set in Runway?

Runway lets you tailor access based on your team's roles and needs. You can assign roles with specific permissions to manage who can view or edit anything within Runway including models, plans, reports, and more. This setup helps protect sensitive information while enabling collaboration among designated team members.

How does Runway handle data anonymization to protect sensitive information?

Your financial data's security is a top priority for us. Runway incorporates data anonymization meaning even within accessible models or pages, you can mask specific sensitive details. This ensures your team members can collaborate and access necessary information while critical financial details remain private.

How does Runway track changes and maintain an audit trail for financial planning?

Transparency and accountability are central to Runway's functionality. Our version history makes it easy to track who made changes, what those changes were, and when they were made. This provides a clear audit trail that supports compliance, resolves questions quickly, and maintains the integrity of your financial planning process.

Great businesses aren't built in silos

Discover how Runway can bring your team together, driving collaboration and insight every step of the way.


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