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Meet Runway, the finance platform you don’t hate.

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Finance isn’t just about finance—it’s about everything.

Four years ago, we asked ourselves a simple question:

What if everyone could understand how their business actually works?

It’s not a radical idea. Not even a new one. For years, FP&A vendors have been talking about finance that is “strategic' and planning that’s “connected.'

We’re still waiting.

In a world where finance is under more pressure than ever to be more strategic and more collaborative — why isn’t this already a solved problem?

For the last four years, our team has been trying to find an answer to that question.

This is our answer:

Saving time is not enough. Controls are not enough. Building just for finance is not enough.

Those things are all table stakes.

For finance to be strategic, we have to collaborate. And real collaboration requires shared context. But you can share every spreadsheet, and open up every source of data — all the context in the world doesn’t matter if the people you work with don’t even understand what they’re looking at.

Understanding. Deep, intuitive, clear understanding — throughout the entire business — that is at the heart of this problem.

Understanding — deep, intuitive, clear understanding — throughout the entire business is what matters.

That’s why we built Runway: a finance platform that makes all your work — from modeling to data wrangling, from forecasting to scenario planning — finally understandable to you and everyone else in your team. So everyone has the same business context, and can come together to drive the kind of strategic impact you know you can deliver.

Ultimately, seeing is believing.

Through this brief video, through our website, and through stories from teams at AngelList, Superhuman, ConvertKit, and 818 Tequila, we hope to show you a small glimpse of what Runway can do for you. And why we’re here.

When you’re ready, come talk to us.

We’d love to help.

Siqi Chen
CEO & Founder at Runway
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